Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Last Time On.... 3/6/2016 (Tucker House)

A Ripple in the Brook...

  • Our heroes victory at the Dragon Cultist’s camp was short-lived, before an additional reconnaissance mission was tasked to them. Escobert beseeched some of our heroes to continue to monitor the movements of the dragon cultists at the nearby camp. Anemone, Alexander, and Grim set out to continue to investigate the goings-on of the devious group.
  • Meanwhile, Duuren and Ulnin were commissioned to recover a lost caravan of building materials and equipment needed at Greenest to rebuild after the great blue dragon’s assault. The dwarf and the drow set off to the west to recover the items.
  • It wasn’t long before the two companions stumbled across four cultists harassing a lonely high-elf on the road, just as the leader attempted to assault the elf, but missed. The two moved quickly into action, the dwarf riding down the group as they tried to flee, and the drow stopping to aid the high elf. Duuren cornered the cultists in a field of stones and bullied them into revealing themselves and dropping their weapons. After Ulnin and the high elf caught up, the cultists revealed they were on their way to the nearby town of Bergost to receive orders from a commander simply known as Wylan. After pleading for their lives, the dwarf allowed them to live, but not without penance. They dropped all the gold they had at the dwarf’s feet, and allowed the high elf to exact a fist full of revenge on the leader. With only a tooth missing, the leader and his crew scampered off, and the two turned their focus to the mysterious stranger.
  • The stranger revealed himself to be a traveling magician named Henry Ripplebrook. Duuren immediately remembered the name from a wizard who traveled to his village years ago and performed for his kin, and after a mishap with some fire magic, was promptly kicked out of the barbarian village. The dwarf was starstruck and immediately warmed up to Ripplebrook. Ulnin wasn’t as quick to accept the wizard into the fold, but agreed to allow him to accompany them to finding the missing caravan. After returning to the main road, the gang found the missing wagon, and a whole lot more.
  • A wounded man lay aside the wagon, about to be devoured by four blue drakes. The three adventurers quickly engaged the drakes and dispatched them with ease, rescuing the wagon and the injured stranger. After a collection of genitalia, the heroes attached their horses to the wagon, loaded the injured man onto the cart, and began the return journey to Greenest. All seemed well, until night fell over the land, and the moon rose over them on a clear starlit night.
  • The wounded man began to writhe in pain from his wounds, and before our heroes could come to his aid, the man began grotesquely transforming into a werewolf. After an attempt to subdue the beast went awry, the gang realized a fight to the death was upon them. Through force and fire, the three quickly disposed of the werewolf, but not without injury. Both Henry and Ulnin suffered bites from the beast, and with that Ulnin knew the curse of the werewolf was upon them. The injured stranger, now reverted back to his human form, remained alive but was schackled and placed back into the cart for transport to Greenest.
  • Will Henry Ripplebrook be accepted into the adventurer’s group? What of the werewolf curse? What did the recon mission of the other members reveal? What are the cultists now doing in Bergost? And who is this new villain? All this and more, next time…


Thanks for updating this each time, Tucker.

Dreylin Tugganaut

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