Duuren Stonestashe

A Heroic, Foul-Mouthed, and Vicious Dwarf Barbarian from the Stonestashe Clan

  • 4’8", 150 lbs. Solid muscular frame. Receding jet black hair, tied into a braid against his back. Well groomed curled moustache and waist length beard. Large nose and ice blue eyes. Broad shoulders. Medium armor pants, but armorless torso. Light blue tattoo’s down his face, that match the color of his eyes, said to commemorate the despair of losing his home. Burly black haired chest with a diagonal scar, widely whispered to have been given to him by a dragon. Carries with him a wooden maul, the only weapon he deemed large and heavy enough to crack a dragon’s skull.

“What do you know about the cultists?”

  • Duuren was the 2nd son of Thorun Stonestache, youngest brother to Furlus Stonestache, Warchief of the Stonestache Barbarians. In his youth he was care free, vicious, and wildly entertaining. Reveling in his role as a warrior within his tribe.
  • Many years ago, the Stonestache Barbarians of Stoneholm were once a primitive, scavenging group of mountain dwarves that survived on the remnants and pillages of dragon attacks along the Wind’s Walk. Then, the dragons laid dormant, and the Stonestache clan took a more aggressive approach to survival. They began raiding and pillaging settlements all along the Sunset Mountains. They became notorious among locals for their savagery and brutality. Eventually, their reputation proceeded them, and civilizations moved to other places and traveled other ways to capital cities. The Stonestache’s, near extinction, befriended some travelers in their darkest hour. The travelers taught them crafting, agriculture, trade, and commerce. The once nomadic savages, slowly became a thriving civilization of dwarves at the base of the mountain. Their once offensive skills, now adapted to defense of their permanent residence and Barbarian capital city, Stoneholm. The proud barbarians had grown into a respectable and lucrative collection of warriors.
  • Then, without warning, the dragons awoke. The barbarians had grown comfortable in their new lifestyle, and the old knowledge of the dragons and their ways had faded. The Stonestache’s were no match for the winged monstrosities that blackened the skies once more. The clan was wiped off the face of the map. The Stonestache bloodline nearly destroyed, save one young barbarian. Duuren, a mere teenager at the time, emerged from the collapsed roof of a burning hovel, protected from the collapse by the now corpses of his mother and brother. He wandered, half dazed, covered in blood and ashe, through the remnants of his hometown. Searching the rubble for any sign of life, but none was found. Only the charred remains of his kinsmen were left.
  • Duuren left his once home in search of a sign of life. He traveled miles, until he reached the nearest home. He stumbled and collapsed unconscious into a local farmer’s cabbage patch. The kindly farmer and his family nursed the dwarf back to health. After a few days he awoke. He kindly thanked the farmer, vowed to repay his kindness one day, and set off into the mountains, in hopes of hardening his body and mind in the harsh wilds in order to return one day and destroy all dragons, and quench his thirst with the blood of the dragon that ended his life as he knew it.

Duuren Stonestashe

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