Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Last Time On.... 7/29/15 (Tucker House)

The Cultists Gather...

  • Our heroes regroup after the cultists and their leaders depart from the town of Greenest. After some much needed rest, Govenor Nighthill immediately enlists the help of the group once again. The Govenor implores the heroes follow the cultists out of Greenest to gather information on the objectives and goals of these religious raiders, and rescue anyone the sect has taken hostage. Govenor Nighthill offered potential gold compensation, and gave the heroes a variety of supplies, including healing potions for Ulnin, Duuren, and Alexander, as well as a sword and shield for the barbarian, and a rapier for Grim.
  • Not wasting any time, the group set out, hot on the tracks of the cultist group. Along the way they encountered a young injured monk from Berdusk named Brother Nesim. After some questioning, he provided the group with an additional objective, to rescue his mentor, Leosin Erlanther, a half elf who was deep undercover in the cultists’ organization. The heroes assured the young acolyte that his leader will return to him, and set off.
  • The group took advantage of their travel to learn a little more about each other. Alexander, cryptically revealing he had a past he wished to bury, and his desire to bring swift justice to a select few who wronged him. Grim unveiled he his ranger adrift in this land, only wishing to find and return to his home. And Duuren, revealing more about his clan, and their untimely end at the claws of a great dragon.
  • After a few miles, the group happened across a squadron of cultist humans and kobolds, camped up in a valley along the road. After some strategic deliberation, the group ambushed the humans, and dispatched them before turning their sights on the kobolds across the camp. The kobolds managed in a few attacks before they too were laid-low by steel and strength. The crew gathered themselves, collected what they could, and soldiered onward.
  • Upon reaching a portion of the trail that was nestled between two hills, the group was greeted with falling rocks, which they easily dodged. Shortly after, they discovered that cultists on the hills were the culprit behind the impromptu landslide. Upon realizing their trap had failed, the cultists attacked! Alexander ascended the right bank, turning the green hill crimson with cultist blood, and terrorizing a remaining member into a quivering ball of piss and excrement. On the trail, Grim and Ulnin systematically dispatched cultist after cultist behind the cover of the very rocks the villains tried to kill them with. Duuren, ascended the left bank to meet two adversaries, and dispatched one cultist in an unbelievably ostentatious manor, and furiously tossed the other from atop the hill.
  • After the battle, the heroes turned their sights towards the remaining cultist, who through wet cheeks and shit-stained clothes, informed the group on the cultists actions to raid the country side to provide an offering to their Goddess, Tiamat. He also informed them the main cultist camp wasn’t far down the road, and their numbers ranked in the hundreds. Alexander then thanked the cultist appropriately with his steel, and the group set forth on their way to the cultist camp.

What will our heroes find at the cultist camp? What is their plan? Could Alexander find a clue to bring the ghosts of his past to justice? Will Duuren get his desired revenge on Cyanwrath? Will Grim find clues to his lost home? What of the eerily silent Ulnin? And what of this Goddess Tiamat? All this and more, next time….


Dreylin Tugganaut

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