Ulnin A'Kenth

A charismatic dark elf who will do anything for those who have fallen on hard times or those he feels need the help.


height: 4’8"
weight: 95lbs
A thin drow with a raggedy cloak, thin, white hair, and a handsome face. He has a cheerful demeanor despite the prejudice he is faced with anywhere that isn’t the Underdark.

AC: 15
HP: 13
Initiative: 4
BS: 30ft
Saving throws
Str: +1
Dex: +6
Con: 0
Int: +5
Wis: -1
Cha: +3

Ulnin A’Kenth was left to die on the surface by his parents, as male drow often are for whatever reason (the drow have a matriarchal society and males are not valued very highly). He was taken in by a poor family in Tarbean. They had a son named Ontharr. The two became fast friends out of necessity. The father of the family died after sustaining an injury from a guard’s harsh punishment for begging in the wrong part of town. The mother fell ill and died shortly after that. Ulnin and Ontharr grew up as urchin of Tarbean. They each found an apprenticeship at the thieves guild that landed them positions there. They found out eventually that the guild was lining the noble’s pockets with gold to keep the city guard out of the guild’s way. This did not sit well with Ulnin and Ontharr, given that they hold a strong dislike of anyone with copious amounts of money. So they left the guild and set up a safe haven for the waifs of the city. Ontharr assumed a new identity to elude the guild and the guards; and Ulnin leaves for Greenest, seeking out dragon’s gold to help fund the pair’s new endeavor.

Ulnin has a propensity for showing disdain to nobles and anyone wealthy that does not use their wealth for philanthropic ends.

Ulnin A'Kenth

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