Battle worn veteran fueled by revenge turns to the heavens


6’ tall
200 lbs
hazel eyes
A rugged graceful heavenly appearance
Clad in armor and blessed with a holy finesse in sword play


After suffering a lose and a betrayal that left him a desolate and broken man , Alexander fled his past. No where to go, restless nights, and no reason to live except for the fire ablaze inside him. Alexander gave way to the spirit of revenge and set out to destroy his past. After countless raids and ambushes against his betrayers. Alexander finally found himself, on the verge of death, in a trap. Set by his enemies. They left bread crumbs to a staged enemy supply route with, instead of supplies, laid a horde of half orcs waiting for his last heroic charge. Alexander’s rage and sword play felled many half-orcs but at last he was overcome and beaten to the ground. An over sized boot to the chest woke him from unconsciousness. Leaving him seconds to witness death riding on the edge of a great ax heading towards his face. Time froze, a blast from the heavens split the sky and cracked the earth where Alexander laid. The beam sent the half-orcs flying back head over heels. Weary from the lost of blood and dazed from the impact of the blast, Alexander opened his eyes at the feeling of weightlessness, found himself peering into the face of a beautiful angelic being. The Angel flew him to the Temple of Light, healed his wounds, and blessed him. After this the angel left him saying " Go now blessed one of the light, fulfill thy destiny and restore the Light."


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