Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Last Time On.... 8/16/15 (Tucker House)

A Smashing Success....

  • The gang formulates a plan, to enter the cultists’ camp in disguise, with Ulnin and Duuren undercover as prisoners, and Alexander, Grim, and Anemone escorting them as cultists. The group then split up, leaving their two prisoners at the slave camp, to explore the camp and find more information.
  • Alexander, Grim, and Anemone consulted with other cultists about the goings-on in the camp, and learned that one of Alexander’s targets, Rezmir was in attendance. The trio also stumbled across their objective. Leosin, beaten and chained to a post, laid before them. When they attempted to converse with the monk, their plan was thwarted by over-vigilant guards. The three operatives then set out in an attempt to eaves-drop on higher ranking cult members, and explore the nearby caves, but not much was gained. Then before the crew could continue investigating, they were commanded to start guard duty atop the watch tower in the camp. They ascended the tower and took duty, in hopes of beginning their exodus. When they spotted their other friends…
  • After some laboring, some speaking with the fellow slaves, and a few kicks and bumps from the guards, Ulnin and Duuren devised a plan, posing as undercover slave treatment quality inspectors, they engaged a cult guard in order to relieve them of their current situation. They successfully gained audience with Furlam, who recognized Duuren immediately, as the dwarf who battled Cyanwrath. Their cover was blown, and they were sent away to a different part of the camp, to be killed in the morning. They were tied to a post, next to none other than Leosin. The monk provided them some much needed information about the cultists and their plans, of raising a clutch of dragon eggs to adulthood, and their continued raiding of the country side to appease their goddess, Tiamat. Duuren and Ulnin unveiled their plan to escape, to which Leosin was a first reluctant. The duo quickly convinced him to go with the plan, and they awaited the mysterious signal to begin the escape…
  • Grim ascended the outer ring of the plateau, created an extra long rope at the lip of the formation, and secured the means of escape. Alexander walked over to the two imprisoned companions, filled them in on the plan, and proceeded to position himself with a torch in hand, by the captives’ tent. Alexander then lit 2 tents on fire, and hurled the torch on top of another. Upon seeing the smoke from the fires, Anemone stealthily made her way into the kobold portion of the camp, and let loose a mighty thunderclap, sending debris and kobolds flying in all directions. Chaos ensued, Alexander immediately cut open the captive’s tent and ordered them to the rope. The two guards on duty engaged the paladin almost immediately. One guard had succumbed to a surprise knife to the back from the now freed Ulnin, and the other was quickly dispatched by Alex and the now present, Anemone. The 3 then retreated to the rope, beginning to climb behind the captive’s and Duuren, who carried the battered monk Leosin, on his back. The cultists only realized what was going on moments before the successful escape, managing to kill one of the captive’s. The gang then set forth indirectly back towards Greenest, hoping that their mission was finished.
  • A scouting group managed to catch up to the gang of heroes, but they were quickly dispatched by our heroes’ might and magic. The group then trekked onward to Greenest, where they were greeted by Govenor NIghthill, who was elated at the heroes’ success. After some much needed rest and rewards, the group consulted with Leosin, now recieving medical attention. He informed the crew that he would be going to the town of Elturel to the north, and requested that the heroes return to the camp, to learn more about their secrets and operations. After some deliberation, they accepted and planned to return once again the to camp.
  • What were the ramifications of the heroes’ infiltration? What will they find at the camp now? What will Alexander do when he sees Rezmir? What can our heroes do to stop such a force of evil? All this and more, next time….


Dreylin Tugganaut

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