Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Last Time On.... 7/19/15 (Logan House)

A Hollow Victory...

  • After regrouping in the keep, and receiving some much needed healing from the Greenest clerics, Alexander, Duuren, and Ulnin return to Escobert to alert him to their recent success. They are interrupted by Escobert, who caught glimpse of two new travelers arriving to the keep. Grim, a enigmatic ranger, and Anemone, an elegant sorceress. They were quickly brought into the fold, in spite of the stubborn Duuren. Their mission was to travel once again through the secret passageway and locate the temple of Chauntea, Goddess of Agriculture. Supposedly there were a few clerics and citizens holed up in the church, under attack by the cultists. The gang quickly set out in hopes of rescuing the Greenest citizens.
  • Upon arriving to the temple, they witnessed groups of kobolds and cultists battering the front door and attempting to burn down the back door. Alexander quickly noticed the group at the back was smaller, and therefore easier to dispatch. The heroes quickly turned talk into action, decimating the small band of kobolds at the back of the temple. Upon entering the cathedral, they were greeted by the cries and screams of terrified citizens, and a noble priest, attempting to calm them. After a brief conversation, Ulnin was able to calm the people, and convince them the heroes were here to help. But their relief was short lived, as the battering ram at the front continued to pound on the great wooden doors of the temple. Duuren, thinking quickly and rashly, yelled a foul threat at the siege-gang, hoping to dissuade them further battering the door. While it seemed to work for a time, the leader sent a group to the back of the church to look for another means of entry. Anemone, Grim, and Alexander reacted quickly and tossed pews and debris against the rear entrance in hopes of buying precious time. The heroes quickly broke down the front door, and met the main entrance intruders with bloody force. After no threat was remaining, the heroes escorted the clerics and church members back to the keep.
  • The gang sought out Escobar to alert him to their victory, but it was violently interrupted when the massive blue dragon turned its lightning breath upon the keep. The vicious breath cleaved the keep in two, killing many holed up within its walls. The keep, now in ruin, was threatened by more cultists assaulting from the Sallyport. The heroes quickly mobilized to stem the oncoming threat, and neutralized the cultists before they could reach the courtyard. A mender was then called to repair the ruined Sallyport.
  • After some deliberation, the brief calm was interrupted by the loud hissing of a large dragonkin champion, known as Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, accompanied by an ornately dressed cultist known as Fulram Mondath and an army of kobolds outside the keep walls. The heroes looked on as the champion put forth a challenge of single combat for the lives of a few children, and a woman revealed to be a keep guard’s sister. Panicked and enraged by the possible doom of his loved one, the guard prepared to do battle, in spite of his injuries. Against his and Alexander‘s wishes, it was the stubborn Duuren, who demanded to be the one to accept the challenge. With the ruins and fires of his hometown fresh in his mind, he set out with fiery passion to bring low the mighty dragonkin. Duuren held his own, matching blows with the scaled champion, but it was the creature’s lightning breath that brought the dwarf down. In a last ditch effort to save their fallen comrade, Ulnin attempted to convince the dragonkin her terms were faulty, and Alexander attempted to bury a throwing axe into the opponents skull, but both attempts failed. The kobolds then slaughtered the woman, and proceeded to attempt to finish off Duuren. But the dwarf wouldn’t be killed so easily. In spite of his grievous wounds, Duuren managed to avoid the incoming death blow and retreat to the keep. The dragonkin then tasted the deadly accuracy of Anemone‘s crossbow, adding to the toll Duuren’s hammer had already set onto her. Cyanwrath and her kobolds then proceeded to retreat, leaving behind the impaled corpse of the soldier’s sister. The keep, now lays still, with only the sounds of crackling flame, and distant screams to serenade them.
  • Has the threat of the cultists to Greenest been thwarted? And what of the massive blue dragon? Who were these two new adversaries? How will Escobert handle the death of his beloved sister? Will we learn more about the two mysterious newcomers? What will our heroes do next? All this and more, next time….


Dreylin Tugganaut

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