Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Last Time On.... 7/11/15 (Schwandt House)

The Adventure Begins!

  • Our heroes, under contract, meet at a local tavern. After some awkward flirtation and heavy drinking, Ulnin, Alexander, and Duuren met with their employer, Adrik Fireforge. Adrik instructed they would be ultimately battling a devious crew of dragon cultists. But first, the team was to escort a caravan to the town of Greenest, where the next step in their job would be divulged.
  • The unlikely crew set out the next morning, and after a days travel, arrived at Greenest. Unfortunately not to a bustling metropolis, but to the screams and cries of a town under siege. The city was under attack by a sect of cultists, as well as a massive blue dragon. The team entered the town and (literally) lept into action. After killing a series of Kobolds and cultists, they rescued local townsfolk attempting to defend their lives from the the villainous heretics. One of which was a menacing half-orc, which Alexander seemed to be truly interested in. After the death of the half orc, he inspected his corpse only to find this wasn’t who he was looking for. The group carved a path of death and destruction all the way to the keep in the center of town.
  • Upon entering the keep, they are met by Governor Nighthall and the Castellan, Escobert the Red. Escobert immediately implored for help in defense of the town, and pleaded that our heroes enter the secret passageway that lead outside of the keep, and defeat any nearby threats to the town. The team obliged and set out, escorted through the tunnel by Escobert.
  • Outside the keep the three heroes ambushed a patrol of kobolds and cultists, who were quickly dispatched. But out of the brush an ambush drake caught them off guard, and nearly killed Duuren. After the ambush was thwarted, the group promptly retreated to the keep for healing and new instructions.
  • What will be the fate of Greenest? Will Duuren recover from his wounds? Will Alexander’s mysterious quest to find the half/orc(s) he is looking for be revealed? And what may come from the illusive Ulnin? All this and more, next time….


Damn Ulnin… so elusive!

Dreylin Tugganaut

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