Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Last Time On.... 3/20/16 (Fenimore House)

  • When we last left our heroes, Duuren and Ulnin escorted a caravan of supplies to Greenest to help rebuild after the blue dragon attack.  Along with newcomer Henry Ripplebrook, as well as a poor soul who had attacked the gang during the full moon in werewolf form.  After a brief visit to the local chapel, Ulnin and Henry confirmed their fears, that their wounds from the fight with a werewolf bestowed the curse upon them.  After securing the caravan attendant within the holdfast, the three companions knew there was nothing more they could do for the night, and retreated to the local tavern to converse and get some rest until the others returned from their scouting mission.


  • Next morning came, and so did Anemone and Alexander, revealing that the cultist encampment was all but abandoned.  After a brief introduction to the newcomer, they also revealed that Grim had set out on a personal journey with little to no context to the other members, and his return was uncertain.  The group sought out Escobert, who assured the group that Greenest would be ok for the time being.  After some deliberation, the gang had decided to proceed north to the city of Elturel, in order to meet up with Leosin Erlanther, the monk they rescued from the cultist encampment, as opposed to traveling west to Beregost, where the cultists were suspected to be traveling. After magically sending a coded message to http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Beregost warning them of the impending cultist arrival, and purchasing horses, the gang set a course north, for the week long journey ahead.  


  • After setting up camp for the night admist their journey, Anemone was haunted by cryptic visions of a coming apocalypse, seeming to center from the arrival of the terrifying dragon god Tiamat.  She confided with Henry about her visions of a potential distopian future, as the rest of the group slept unawares.  Morning came, and our heroes proceeded onward, crossing the open fields and farmlands of the countryside.  A series of macabre scenes littered the path, giant holes in the ground and eviserated livestock caught the groups attention.  But only when their steeds began reeling in terror, did they realize that an unknown danger was upon them.


  • An Ankheg exploded from the ground in front of the group, a massive worm-like creature, that slaughtered a nearby sheep, before turning its insectoid gaze upon the group.  Our heroes quickly lept into action, defending themselves from the viscious claws and acidic vomit the creature laid upon them.  But before laying waste to the great beast, another emerged as quickly from the ground, seemingly coming to the aid of it's injured kin.  The first beast was disembowled by a magical cloud of knives from Anemone, just in time for the group to turn it's attention to, and quickly dispatch of the remaining creature.  After the fight ended, Duuren removed the mandibles from the monstrous worm, and they went to a nearby farm house, where after some searching, a farmhand laid quivering with fear, supposedly from the Ankhegs that were attacking his flock.  The gang reassured him the worms were no more, and they continued their trek north.


  • Finally, the group arrived at Elturel, a thriving metropolis living under the seemingly ominous glow of a magical orb, eminating light at all times to the city.  The gang emplored a guard to point them in the direction of Leosin, but the monk was unknown to the guard.  After a few threat attempts, another name crept across the guards lips, the name Ontharr Frume, a soldier who was currently enjoying himself at a nearby tavern.  Our heroes made haste to the tavern, where they introduced themselves merrily to the light-hearted warrior.  Though upon asking the whereabouts of Leosin, Ontharr was deflective of their request, emploring them to only sit down and enjoy a drink and tomorrow all would be revealed.  Seemingly no other way to get the information they so desparately needed,  Duuren decided to defer to the knight's desire for drink, and challenged him to a drinking contest.  After some deliberation as to how the group could underhandedly ensure victory, they decided to confide simply in the alcoholic fortitude of their short, savage friend.  The dwarf skillfully consumed the brew, before Ontharr could even finish choking on the first few gulps he had.  Knowingly defeated, Ontharr relented to fulfilling the request.  


  • Why was Ontharr so reluctant to devulge information on Leosin?  What other secrets lie in the city of Elturel, what of Anemone's visions?  And what of the town of Beregost the impending cultist assault?  All this and more, next time….











Dreylin Tugganaut

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