Hoard of the Dragon Queen

Last Time On.... 3/20/16 (Fenimore House)
  • When we last left our heroes, Duuren and Ulnin escorted a caravan of supplies to Greenest to help rebuild after the blue dragon attack.  Along with newcomer Henry Ripplebrook, as well as a poor soul who had attacked the gang during the full moon in werewolf form.  After a brief visit to the local chapel, Ulnin and Henry confirmed their fears, that their wounds from the fight with a werewolf bestowed the curse upon them.  After securing the caravan attendant within the holdfast, the three companions knew there was nothing more they could do for the night, and retreated to the local tavern to converse and get some rest until the others returned from their scouting mission.


  • Next morning came, and so did Anemone and Alexander, revealing that the cultist encampment was all but abandoned.  After a brief introduction to the newcomer, they also revealed that Grim had set out on a personal journey with little to no context to the other members, and his return was uncertain.  The group sought out Escobert, who assured the group that Greenest would be ok for the time being.  After some deliberation, the gang had decided to proceed north to the city of Elturel, in order to meet up with Leosin Erlanther, the monk they rescued from the cultist encampment, as opposed to traveling west to Beregost, where the cultists were suspected to be traveling. After magically sending a coded message to http://forgottenrealms.wikia.com/wiki/Beregost warning them of the impending cultist arrival, and purchasing horses, the gang set a course north, for the week long journey ahead.  


  • After setting up camp for the night admist their journey, Anemone was haunted by cryptic visions of a coming apocalypse, seeming to center from the arrival of the terrifying dragon god Tiamat.  She confided with Henry about her visions of a potential distopian future, as the rest of the group slept unawares.  Morning came, and our heroes proceeded onward, crossing the open fields and farmlands of the countryside.  A series of macabre scenes littered the path, giant holes in the ground and eviserated livestock caught the groups attention.  But only when their steeds began reeling in terror, did they realize that an unknown danger was upon them.


  • An Ankheg exploded from the ground in front of the group, a massive worm-like creature, that slaughtered a nearby sheep, before turning its insectoid gaze upon the group.  Our heroes quickly lept into action, defending themselves from the viscious claws and acidic vomit the creature laid upon them.  But before laying waste to the great beast, another emerged as quickly from the ground, seemingly coming to the aid of it's injured kin.  The first beast was disembowled by a magical cloud of knives from Anemone, just in time for the group to turn it's attention to, and quickly dispatch of the remaining creature.  After the fight ended, Duuren removed the mandibles from the monstrous worm, and they went to a nearby farm house, where after some searching, a farmhand laid quivering with fear, supposedly from the Ankhegs that were attacking his flock.  The gang reassured him the worms were no more, and they continued their trek north.


  • Finally, the group arrived at Elturel, a thriving metropolis living under the seemingly ominous glow of a magical orb, eminating light at all times to the city.  The gang emplored a guard to point them in the direction of Leosin, but the monk was unknown to the guard.  After a few threat attempts, another name crept across the guards lips, the name Ontharr Frume, a soldier who was currently enjoying himself at a nearby tavern.  Our heroes made haste to the tavern, where they introduced themselves merrily to the light-hearted warrior.  Though upon asking the whereabouts of Leosin, Ontharr was deflective of their request, emploring them to only sit down and enjoy a drink and tomorrow all would be revealed.  Seemingly no other way to get the information they so desparately needed,  Duuren decided to defer to the knight's desire for drink, and challenged him to a drinking contest.  After some deliberation as to how the group could underhandedly ensure victory, they decided to confide simply in the alcoholic fortitude of their short, savage friend.  The dwarf skillfully consumed the brew, before Ontharr could even finish choking on the first few gulps he had.  Knowingly defeated, Ontharr relented to fulfilling the request.  


  • Why was Ontharr so reluctant to devulge information on Leosin?  What other secrets lie in the city of Elturel, what of Anemone's visions?  And what of the town of Beregost the impending cultist assault?  All this and more, next time….










Last Time On.... 3/6/2016 (Tucker House)
A Ripple in the Brook...
  • Our heroes victory at the Dragon Cultist’s camp was short-lived, before an additional reconnaissance mission was tasked to them. Escobert beseeched some of our heroes to continue to monitor the movements of the dragon cultists at the nearby camp. Anemone, Alexander, and Grim set out to continue to investigate the goings-on of the devious group.
  • Meanwhile, Duuren and Ulnin were commissioned to recover a lost caravan of building materials and equipment needed at Greenest to rebuild after the great blue dragon’s assault. The dwarf and the drow set off to the west to recover the items.
  • It wasn’t long before the two companions stumbled across four cultists harassing a lonely high-elf on the road, just as the leader attempted to assault the elf, but missed. The two moved quickly into action, the dwarf riding down the group as they tried to flee, and the drow stopping to aid the high elf. Duuren cornered the cultists in a field of stones and bullied them into revealing themselves and dropping their weapons. After Ulnin and the high elf caught up, the cultists revealed they were on their way to the nearby town of Bergost to receive orders from a commander simply known as Wylan. After pleading for their lives, the dwarf allowed them to live, but not without penance. They dropped all the gold they had at the dwarf’s feet, and allowed the high elf to exact a fist full of revenge on the leader. With only a tooth missing, the leader and his crew scampered off, and the two turned their focus to the mysterious stranger.
  • The stranger revealed himself to be a traveling magician named Henry Ripplebrook. Duuren immediately remembered the name from a wizard who traveled to his village years ago and performed for his kin, and after a mishap with some fire magic, was promptly kicked out of the barbarian village. The dwarf was starstruck and immediately warmed up to Ripplebrook. Ulnin wasn’t as quick to accept the wizard into the fold, but agreed to allow him to accompany them to finding the missing caravan. After returning to the main road, the gang found the missing wagon, and a whole lot more.
  • A wounded man lay aside the wagon, about to be devoured by four blue drakes. The three adventurers quickly engaged the drakes and dispatched them with ease, rescuing the wagon and the injured stranger. After a collection of genitalia, the heroes attached their horses to the wagon, loaded the injured man onto the cart, and began the return journey to Greenest. All seemed well, until night fell over the land, and the moon rose over them on a clear starlit night.
  • The wounded man began to writhe in pain from his wounds, and before our heroes could come to his aid, the man began grotesquely transforming into a werewolf. After an attempt to subdue the beast went awry, the gang realized a fight to the death was upon them. Through force and fire, the three quickly disposed of the werewolf, but not without injury. Both Henry and Ulnin suffered bites from the beast, and with that Ulnin knew the curse of the werewolf was upon them. The injured stranger, now reverted back to his human form, remained alive but was schackled and placed back into the cart for transport to Greenest.
  • Will Henry Ripplebrook be accepted into the adventurer’s group? What of the werewolf curse? What did the recon mission of the other members reveal? What are the cultists now doing in Bergost? And who is this new villain? All this and more, next time…
Last Time On.... 8/16/15 (Tucker House)
A Smashing Success....
  • The gang formulates a plan, to enter the cultists’ camp in disguise, with Ulnin and Duuren undercover as prisoners, and Alexander, Grim, and Anemone escorting them as cultists. The group then split up, leaving their two prisoners at the slave camp, to explore the camp and find more information.
  • Alexander, Grim, and Anemone consulted with other cultists about the goings-on in the camp, and learned that one of Alexander’s targets, Rezmir was in attendance. The trio also stumbled across their objective. Leosin, beaten and chained to a post, laid before them. When they attempted to converse with the monk, their plan was thwarted by over-vigilant guards. The three operatives then set out in an attempt to eaves-drop on higher ranking cult members, and explore the nearby caves, but not much was gained. Then before the crew could continue investigating, they were commanded to start guard duty atop the watch tower in the camp. They ascended the tower and took duty, in hopes of beginning their exodus. When they spotted their other friends…
  • After some laboring, some speaking with the fellow slaves, and a few kicks and bumps from the guards, Ulnin and Duuren devised a plan, posing as undercover slave treatment quality inspectors, they engaged a cult guard in order to relieve them of their current situation. They successfully gained audience with Furlam, who recognized Duuren immediately, as the dwarf who battled Cyanwrath. Their cover was blown, and they were sent away to a different part of the camp, to be killed in the morning. They were tied to a post, next to none other than Leosin. The monk provided them some much needed information about the cultists and their plans, of raising a clutch of dragon eggs to adulthood, and their continued raiding of the country side to appease their goddess, Tiamat. Duuren and Ulnin unveiled their plan to escape, to which Leosin was a first reluctant. The duo quickly convinced him to go with the plan, and they awaited the mysterious signal to begin the escape…
  • Grim ascended the outer ring of the plateau, created an extra long rope at the lip of the formation, and secured the means of escape. Alexander walked over to the two imprisoned companions, filled them in on the plan, and proceeded to position himself with a torch in hand, by the captives’ tent. Alexander then lit 2 tents on fire, and hurled the torch on top of another. Upon seeing the smoke from the fires, Anemone stealthily made her way into the kobold portion of the camp, and let loose a mighty thunderclap, sending debris and kobolds flying in all directions. Chaos ensued, Alexander immediately cut open the captive’s tent and ordered them to the rope. The two guards on duty engaged the paladin almost immediately. One guard had succumbed to a surprise knife to the back from the now freed Ulnin, and the other was quickly dispatched by Alex and the now present, Anemone. The 3 then retreated to the rope, beginning to climb behind the captive’s and Duuren, who carried the battered monk Leosin, on his back. The cultists only realized what was going on moments before the successful escape, managing to kill one of the captive’s. The gang then set forth indirectly back towards Greenest, hoping that their mission was finished.
  • A scouting group managed to catch up to the gang of heroes, but they were quickly dispatched by our heroes’ might and magic. The group then trekked onward to Greenest, where they were greeted by Govenor NIghthill, who was elated at the heroes’ success. After some much needed rest and rewards, the group consulted with Leosin, now recieving medical attention. He informed the crew that he would be going to the town of Elturel to the north, and requested that the heroes return to the camp, to learn more about their secrets and operations. After some deliberation, they accepted and planned to return once again the to camp.
  • What were the ramifications of the heroes’ infiltration? What will they find at the camp now? What will Alexander do when he sees Rezmir? What can our heroes do to stop such a force of evil? All this and more, next time….
Last Time On.... 7/29/15 (Tucker House)
The Cultists Gather...
  • Our heroes regroup after the cultists and their leaders depart from the town of Greenest. After some much needed rest, Govenor Nighthill immediately enlists the help of the group once again. The Govenor implores the heroes follow the cultists out of Greenest to gather information on the objectives and goals of these religious raiders, and rescue anyone the sect has taken hostage. Govenor Nighthill offered potential gold compensation, and gave the heroes a variety of supplies, including healing potions for Ulnin, Duuren, and Alexander, as well as a sword and shield for the barbarian, and a rapier for Grim.
  • Not wasting any time, the group set out, hot on the tracks of the cultist group. Along the way they encountered a young injured monk from Berdusk named Brother Nesim. After some questioning, he provided the group with an additional objective, to rescue his mentor, Leosin Erlanther, a half elf who was deep undercover in the cultists’ organization. The heroes assured the young acolyte that his leader will return to him, and set off.
  • The group took advantage of their travel to learn a little more about each other. Alexander, cryptically revealing he had a past he wished to bury, and his desire to bring swift justice to a select few who wronged him. Grim unveiled he his ranger adrift in this land, only wishing to find and return to his home. And Duuren, revealing more about his clan, and their untimely end at the claws of a great dragon.
  • After a few miles, the group happened across a squadron of cultist humans and kobolds, camped up in a valley along the road. After some strategic deliberation, the group ambushed the humans, and dispatched them before turning their sights on the kobolds across the camp. The kobolds managed in a few attacks before they too were laid-low by steel and strength. The crew gathered themselves, collected what they could, and soldiered onward.
  • Upon reaching a portion of the trail that was nestled between two hills, the group was greeted with falling rocks, which they easily dodged. Shortly after, they discovered that cultists on the hills were the culprit behind the impromptu landslide. Upon realizing their trap had failed, the cultists attacked! Alexander ascended the right bank, turning the green hill crimson with cultist blood, and terrorizing a remaining member into a quivering ball of piss and excrement. On the trail, Grim and Ulnin systematically dispatched cultist after cultist behind the cover of the very rocks the villains tried to kill them with. Duuren, ascended the left bank to meet two adversaries, and dispatched one cultist in an unbelievably ostentatious manor, and furiously tossed the other from atop the hill.
  • After the battle, the heroes turned their sights towards the remaining cultist, who through wet cheeks and shit-stained clothes, informed the group on the cultists actions to raid the country side to provide an offering to their Goddess, Tiamat. He also informed them the main cultist camp wasn’t far down the road, and their numbers ranked in the hundreds. Alexander then thanked the cultist appropriately with his steel, and the group set forth on their way to the cultist camp.

What will our heroes find at the cultist camp? What is their plan? Could Alexander find a clue to bring the ghosts of his past to justice? Will Duuren get his desired revenge on Cyanwrath? Will Grim find clues to his lost home? What of the eerily silent Ulnin? And what of this Goddess Tiamat? All this and more, next time….

Last Time On.... 7/19/15 (Logan House)
A Hollow Victory...
  • After regrouping in the keep, and receiving some much needed healing from the Greenest clerics, Alexander, Duuren, and Ulnin return to Escobert to alert him to their recent success. They are interrupted by Escobert, who caught glimpse of two new travelers arriving to the keep. Grim, a enigmatic ranger, and Anemone, an elegant sorceress. They were quickly brought into the fold, in spite of the stubborn Duuren. Their mission was to travel once again through the secret passageway and locate the temple of Chauntea, Goddess of Agriculture. Supposedly there were a few clerics and citizens holed up in the church, under attack by the cultists. The gang quickly set out in hopes of rescuing the Greenest citizens.
  • Upon arriving to the temple, they witnessed groups of kobolds and cultists battering the front door and attempting to burn down the back door. Alexander quickly noticed the group at the back was smaller, and therefore easier to dispatch. The heroes quickly turned talk into action, decimating the small band of kobolds at the back of the temple. Upon entering the cathedral, they were greeted by the cries and screams of terrified citizens, and a noble priest, attempting to calm them. After a brief conversation, Ulnin was able to calm the people, and convince them the heroes were here to help. But their relief was short lived, as the battering ram at the front continued to pound on the great wooden doors of the temple. Duuren, thinking quickly and rashly, yelled a foul threat at the siege-gang, hoping to dissuade them further battering the door. While it seemed to work for a time, the leader sent a group to the back of the church to look for another means of entry. Anemone, Grim, and Alexander reacted quickly and tossed pews and debris against the rear entrance in hopes of buying precious time. The heroes quickly broke down the front door, and met the main entrance intruders with bloody force. After no threat was remaining, the heroes escorted the clerics and church members back to the keep.
  • The gang sought out Escobar to alert him to their victory, but it was violently interrupted when the massive blue dragon turned its lightning breath upon the keep. The vicious breath cleaved the keep in two, killing many holed up within its walls. The keep, now in ruin, was threatened by more cultists assaulting from the Sallyport. The heroes quickly mobilized to stem the oncoming threat, and neutralized the cultists before they could reach the courtyard. A mender was then called to repair the ruined Sallyport.
  • After some deliberation, the brief calm was interrupted by the loud hissing of a large dragonkin champion, known as Langdedrosa Cyanwrath, accompanied by an ornately dressed cultist known as Fulram Mondath and an army of kobolds outside the keep walls. The heroes looked on as the champion put forth a challenge of single combat for the lives of a few children, and a woman revealed to be a keep guard’s sister. Panicked and enraged by the possible doom of his loved one, the guard prepared to do battle, in spite of his injuries. Against his and Alexander‘s wishes, it was the stubborn Duuren, who demanded to be the one to accept the challenge. With the ruins and fires of his hometown fresh in his mind, he set out with fiery passion to bring low the mighty dragonkin. Duuren held his own, matching blows with the scaled champion, but it was the creature’s lightning breath that brought the dwarf down. In a last ditch effort to save their fallen comrade, Ulnin attempted to convince the dragonkin her terms were faulty, and Alexander attempted to bury a throwing axe into the opponents skull, but both attempts failed. The kobolds then slaughtered the woman, and proceeded to attempt to finish off Duuren. But the dwarf wouldn’t be killed so easily. In spite of his grievous wounds, Duuren managed to avoid the incoming death blow and retreat to the keep. The dragonkin then tasted the deadly accuracy of Anemone‘s crossbow, adding to the toll Duuren’s hammer had already set onto her. Cyanwrath and her kobolds then proceeded to retreat, leaving behind the impaled corpse of the soldier’s sister. The keep, now lays still, with only the sounds of crackling flame, and distant screams to serenade them.
  • Has the threat of the cultists to Greenest been thwarted? And what of the massive blue dragon? Who were these two new adversaries? How will Escobert handle the death of his beloved sister? Will we learn more about the two mysterious newcomers? What will our heroes do next? All this and more, next time….
Last Time On.... 7/11/15 (Schwandt House)
The Adventure Begins!
  • Our heroes, under contract, meet at a local tavern. After some awkward flirtation and heavy drinking, Ulnin, Alexander, and Duuren met with their employer, Adrik Fireforge. Adrik instructed they would be ultimately battling a devious crew of dragon cultists. But first, the team was to escort a caravan to the town of Greenest, where the next step in their job would be divulged.
  • The unlikely crew set out the next morning, and after a days travel, arrived at Greenest. Unfortunately not to a bustling metropolis, but to the screams and cries of a town under siege. The city was under attack by a sect of cultists, as well as a massive blue dragon. The team entered the town and (literally) lept into action. After killing a series of Kobolds and cultists, they rescued local townsfolk attempting to defend their lives from the the villainous heretics. One of which was a menacing half-orc, which Alexander seemed to be truly interested in. After the death of the half orc, he inspected his corpse only to find this wasn’t who he was looking for. The group carved a path of death and destruction all the way to the keep in the center of town.
  • Upon entering the keep, they are met by Governor Nighthall and the Castellan, Escobert the Red. Escobert immediately implored for help in defense of the town, and pleaded that our heroes enter the secret passageway that lead outside of the keep, and defeat any nearby threats to the town. The team obliged and set out, escorted through the tunnel by Escobert.
  • Outside the keep the three heroes ambushed a patrol of kobolds and cultists, who were quickly dispatched. But out of the brush an ambush drake caught them off guard, and nearly killed Duuren. After the ambush was thwarted, the group promptly retreated to the keep for healing and new instructions.
  • What will be the fate of Greenest? Will Duuren recover from his wounds? Will Alexander’s mysterious quest to find the half/orc(s) he is looking for be revealed? And what may come from the illusive Ulnin? All this and more, next time….

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